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Mar, 2021

Covid/Mask Statement

Official Statement from the WALL Board Regarding COVID-19. Social Distancing and Masks: 

The Wallenpaupack Little League Board understands that, in 2021, there are continued concerns regarding public health and COVID-19.

With this in mind, the Board asks that all officials, coaches, players, parents and spectators follow Little League, PA-State and CDC guidelines regarding social-distancing and mask-wearing.

Thus, we ask:

  1. When at practices, scrimmages and games, please maintain social-distancing, or, if this is not possible, wear masks.
  2. Those officials, managers and coaches not actively involved in the game wear a mask.
  3. Those managers, coaches and players in the dugout and not actively involved in the game wear a mask.
  4. Officials and all members of opposing teams maintain social-distancing before and after a scrimmage or game.
  5. Spectators maintain social-distancing, or, if this is not possible, wear masks.
  6. Teams on Defense provide baseballs for each of their ½ innings.(Umpires not to touch/throw baseballs back to players.)
  7. Umpires not to touch equipment when doing safety checks prior to each game.
  8. Parents and Coaches to monitor players for COVID-19 symptoms prior to and during practices, scrimmages and games.
  9. Any health concerns or COVID-19 symptoms be directed to the Board immediately.

Note #1:  Hand-sanitizer will be available at all fields - and during all practices, scrimmages and games.

Note #2:  With parental permission, players on the field may wear a mask if they wish, but are not required to do so.

Finally, Please note: As per Little League, PA-State and CDC guidelines:

  1. Any person with physical or mental health conditions whereby a mask or face-covering will be unhealthy or dangerous is specifically EXEMPT.
  2. If, for any person, wearing a mask or face-covering would either cause a physical or mental health condition or exacerbate an existing one, is specifically EXEMPT.
  3. Title III of the 1990 Federal statute, “Americans with Disabilities Act” (ADA) specifically states that a person with a disability is not required to disclose personal medical or disability information.

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