Youth sports programs are an amazing thing...
Watching your child and his friends pretend they are the pros. Watching your son trying to swing and hit the ball like Aaron Judge, or watching your daughter pitch and striking girls out pretending to be like Jennie Finch. It's all a small part of a great combination of things that make Little League Baseball and Softball truly wonderful.

But one of the MOST important parts that makes Little League what it is today, are the VOLUNTEERS!!! Men and women who are not only there to help their kids, but to help others as well. The Board Members that sit on computers for hours and hours to make sure your Little League gets started on time. The Coaches who had a rough day at work, but then puts a smile on his face, packs the equipment in their car and shows the kids the best way to hit a ball, and is there to pick them up when they fail. Or the Umpire who is missing dinner with his family, and stand behind the plate, gets pelted by a pitch, all while he has screaming parents and fans unhappy with the last "OUT!" call that was made. None of it is easy, but they ALL enjoy doing it for the love of the game, and for the love of the children. Us volunteers, deep down inside, are all fans of the game. We get happy when we see kids improve, we get a sense of accomplishment when we finally helped a kid catch their first fly ball, and we feel the thrill when we see the kids succeed, and some of us are lucky enough to help the kids compete to represent our league and our district in All Star tournament play.

We aren't asking you for help, we are encouraging you to. It is one of the most genuine types of happiness that an adult can feel, watching the kids of their community enjoy a game in it's purest form.


We will need a Little League Volunteer form filled out. You will be able to fill one out when you register, but here is the link for it in case you missed that step.  *Please note, because we have to use a new Background check company, everyone is required to fill out a "New Volunteer App"
Little League Volunteer Application

The State of Pennsylvania requires all volunteers to fill out a Child Abuse Check and a State Background Check. They are good for 5 years from the request date, and they are free for volunteers...
Child Abuse Check
State Background Check

Please be aware, if the our League does not have ALL 3 of these forms, you will not be aloud around the children in a Little League sanctioned game or practice. Remember, it's not for your inconvenience, it's for the KID'S safety.

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