News & Upcoming Events
  • May 15,2023 Group Event with the Railriders - Sunday, June 25th WALL has partnered with the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Railriders to offer a discounted League Day. Great rate, grouped seating in Field Reserve, and great perks for players. Tickets are $15/piece….all orders due by June 10th ... Read More
  • Dec 31,2022 New for our 2023 season New updates for our 2023 season... Intermediate division, early bird special and non volunteer fees Read More
  • Apr 04,2022 April Board Meeting We are having our April meeting at the middle school library at 6pm Read More
  • Special Meeting Mar 27,2022 Special Meeting Concession Stand Meeting Read More
  • March Board Meeting Mar 14,2022 March Board Meeting We will have our monthly meeting on March 14th 2022 at 6pm, South Library Read More
  • Sponsor Mar 11,2022 Sponsor RailRiders sponsored team! Read More
  • Meeting Feb 07,2022 Meeting Monthly meeting, All are welcomed Place Promise Land Fire House 2/7/2022-6pm Read More
  • Covid/Mask Statement Mar 20,2021 Covid/Mask Statement Official statement from WALL Board on covid/mask for the 2021 baseball/softball season. Read More
  • 2021 WALL Registration Dec 16,2020 2021 WALL Registration Registration coming soon! We are planning on opening registration on 1/1/2021. Details are being finalized. Be on the lookout for a more detailed announcement just prior to opening. Read More
  • May 15,2020 WALL Member COVID Update Please find an update on league status due to COVID-19. You will find some information about where we were, where we are and where we are going. Also, a brief portion regarding refunds for those that are curious. Read More



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